How it was at the circus! – Wednesday, March 22. 2017

Clowns, animals, acrobats, motorcycles, a lot of excitement and fun with the circus Louis Knie!

For Sunday (March 19, 2017) we from youngCaritas Upper Austria had seven free cards for the circus.
Three of them were for people who are registered in the “actionPool” and four of them for unaccompanied minor refugees.
In the end we found seven motivated youths who all wanted to visit the circus together.

One by one they went into the circus tent to finally enjoy this evening with a great programm.
Trained cows, rope acrobats, contortionist, clowns, motorcycle acrobats, and many more waited for us to show their talents.

At the beginning the youths were shy and unconfident, after all they never met before, so they had to overcome barriers in communication and this was the first action of the “actionPool” for most of them.

But in the progress of the presentation and especially in the break everyone laughed a lot, made jokes and taught each other German and Farsi.
The evening was a full success and Riccarda wrote us: I really enjoyed the circus visit and especially the exchange with the boys. I look forward to the next actions! 😉

And also we are looking forward to do such a great action with support of our “actionPooler” again!

Greetings and hopefully see you soon!

Katharina & Thersa

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