Upper Austria:
Christine Siebert
Petra Köppl
Heinrike Decker
Katharina Zeiner
Birgit Selinger
Evelyn Mallinger


Petra Kocen

Petra Kocen

youngCaritas in Austria and Upper Austria
youngCaritas is the youth platform of Caritas in Austria which focuses on engaging youth in social issues. youngCaritas Upper Austria is one out of nine dioceses that works with children and young people from 6 to 29 years and strives to teach them that social action is rewarding AND fun.

youngCaritas offers both hands on-workshops for schools and youth groups and social activities and events to take part in. The aim of these offers is to convey information about issues like poverty, hunger, or the refugee crisis, as much as to help and encourage young people to gain empathy for people in need.

The youngCaritas actionPool  is a pool of young people who become socially committed where help is needed most at that moment. youngCaritas in Upper Austria has successfully created a large actionPool of young motivated people in the last years.

The so called youngCaritas actionFabrik are centers for social activism which is active in the cities of Vienna and St. Pölten. Young people are given resources and advice by youngCaritas to plan own social activities contributing to improve the situation of people in need.

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