Team: Irene Bär, Katarina Bobalova, Eva Bickar, Mathias Gal

There are Caritas affiliates in 70 locations throughout Germany.
For the most part, the young people youngCaritas works with are between 13-27 years old.

Upcycling-Do it yourself
This youngcaritas program unites creativity, craftsmanship, and environmental awareness.
youngCaritas upcycling contributes to waste avoidance, supports social projects, and is lots of fun. You can both learn about how upcycling works from the video tutorials and also work with upcycling-Actions.

Ready! Set! Go!
This project teaches young people about the issue of homelessness and how to help from the perspective of the streets of the city.

Thousand actions – one change
Contribute to a good cooperation, say something against slogans, create something big with people from other cultures … these apparently small actions put out the change. And it happens quite a lot! Here at “1000 actions” you can put down your actions, find “anstehende Aktionen” (upcoming actions) and “gutes Zeug” (good stuff) or you can get inspiration from “erprobten Projekten” (experienced projects). Actions have impact!

Kulturbuddys Berlin
For the past year, “Kulturbuddys” – a group of refugees and non-refugees between 18-29 years old – has met every other week for cultural excursions in and around Berlin. Its goal is to encourage young volunteers to support the integration and participation of new Berliners. (in english)

Young, refreshingly unconventional and always right where the action is.
Article from the annual report of Caritas Germany (in english)

Engaged, Motivated, and Excited
Do you want to make the world a better place? Together we can strive to make changes both locally and internationally.
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