Jour un – Paris Recontre

Right to Paris we took off
had some sleep but not enough
Pas grave cause outweighed was it by the new
metro streets and people too

Pas de main course vegetarian for lunch
so hello fries crunchy crunch
satisfied to our rooms very close
with luxury bathes – well almost

In the afternoon for the first time
seeing everybody and feeling fine
by hearing of what people do
motivated and impressed too
continuing with the current situation
in each country concerning migration
among the ton of emotions which arose
were disenchantment and interest just two of those

while listening to backroundstories surprise surprise
during dinner my belly was filled with? more fries!
playing a game about migration
atmosphere changed away from relaxation
true stories of several flights
making me wish to hear they ended right

concluding the day with french wine
being present when great people combined
ideas with facts and the other way around
I’m glad to be here with this positive sound!

  • Hannah / Vienne


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