4days4future – actionmeeting 2019

The actionmeeting 2019 #4daysfuture was amazing! 🙂
Here are the videos and articles!

36 young people went to the Black Forest to spend a few days talking about climate change and sustainability and to learn the opinions of other countries on these issues.

Everybody was so dynamic and fun, that the whole meeting became a true success. We were able to see that on Saturday, when all the small groups did practical actions according to the subjects they discussed.

In the following two videos, you will find a few impressions of our 4 days together in the Black Forest.

And here are some articles

From Nora, youngCaritas Switzerland:

[:en]#4days4future – actionmeeting 2019[:de]#4days4future – Action Meeting 2019[:]

From Hannah, youngCaritas Vienna:

[:en]The room is small… – Action Meeting 2019[:de]Der Raum ist klein… – Action-Meeting 2019[:]

From the local newspaper, Badische Zeitung (in German):


Report from youngcaritas Deutschland (in German):

Action-Meeting „4days4future“

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