A fresh breeze in the Caritas

Since October the Caritas gained 14 new young members. Just like in the past years the civil service engaged for 8 to 12 months in various agencies of the Caritas. The civil service gave south Tyrolean between 18 and 28 years the possibility to experience social service. The Caritas also makes profit by the yearly newcomers who support the civil service.

This year is the year where the most civil workers are helping in Bolzano. Either with the refugees – where the picture that the media supports can be questioned – or in information centers, in the Caritas-Café or in the addiction department. The agencies of the Caritas are as diverse as the ones from the civil services itself. But it gets truly interesting when the civil workers come up with their own ideas and realize them. Such as a German language class in the Casa Aaron which started some time ago and we wait in suspense which other ideas they will be coming up with. The diversity in the Caritas is big. The Civil service not only adapts to the volunteers but is also planning a lot of activities they are going to do together with everyone. They already showed what they are capable of when they collected used clothing (10.11.2018) and also that team work is fun. All 14 civil workers will come together again with the “headstand project” and the “72 hours without compromise”. These cometogethers at the projects are also good to exchange information and stories and to know more about the others.

New ideas for the Caritas and new experiences in the social section for the civil workers – the civil work is a huge enrichment for the Caritas and the YoungCaritas as well as the Caritas facilities are pleased with the fresh breeze for the year.

And to all of you civil workers: have fun in the next months!

~ Anna and Käthe youngCaritas South Tyrol