A lot of Europe at the German Caritaskongress in Berlin!

Andi Lustenberger from Switzerland and Paul Galles from Luxembourg were a the Caritaskongress of Caritas Germany in Berlin!

Over a 1000 Caritas-people discussed for 3 days the topics of social solidarity, the digital revolution and the work of Caritas.

Andi, Paul, Frieda Sahling (youngcaritas of the Archdiocese Cologne) and Irene L. Bär (youngcaritas Germany) presented the results of the network “YoungCaritas in Europe”, in a session called “young ideas for a solidary world.
They told the Caritas-colleagues from Germany everything about the network, what it is doing and how YoungCaritas in Europe contributes to a solidary world.
It was also talked over, how young people can be further included into the decisions of the Caritas, which some of the participants considered as truly important.
Afterwards, Paul discussed with the chairperson of the European Ethics Council, Prof. Dr. Christiane Woopen, about a common Europe 4.0.

Then Andi and Paul went to the #fridays4future demonstration, on that day Greta Thunberg was in Berlin and gave a speech.

Bernd Wachter and Hildegart Aichberger from Caritas Austria were some of the other international guests at the Caritas congress.

And, if you are wondering what all those pictures with the blue background are…
It’s very simple: the Caritas Germany started an European Action with the slogan #care4EU.
They want to make a positive statement by taking pictures of happy people in an European setting and and promote the election to the European Parliament.