Cooking project in a refugee hostel

This was a very intense weekend for Young Caritas Luxembourg!

On the 7th April, numerous young volunteers participated at a cooking project where refugees and residents of the Grand Duchy prepare together traditional dishes from their countries, so that both cultures get to know each other better. This multicultural project was realized in a refugee hostel of Caritas Luxembourg which turned out to be a success.

After a brief introduction, each participant could choose a task they had to manage as a team, such as roll some pastry or slice vegetables. In the course of time, more and more residents entered the kitchen to observe us attentively or asked to participate.

At the end, we had so many assistants that some refugees started playing music on their instruments, singing and dancing in the middle of the room in order to create a solemn atmosphere.
We participated, we applauded, we laughed; in short, we had a very enjoyable time!

When the different dishes were served, we sat together at one big table, regardless of our culture, age or gender. It is impressive how easy such unforgettable moments of harmony and solidarity can be created.

At that evening, it seemed as we forgot our cultural differences and were part of one big community.

For more pictures and informations on the event, visit our facebook page!

Claudia Carvalho da Silva


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