Action Meeting June 2018 in Bolzano, South Tyrol

Hello everybody!

This year the YoungCaritas is planning something great for you: A huge ACTION MEETING for young, engaged people from allover Europe!

As you already know our PLAN ACTION MEETING ragtag group – consisting of volunteers in Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Austria – met in February to brainstorm about the content and headings of the upcoming meeting which takes place from 14.-17. June in the beautiful city Bolzano in South Tyrol, Italy. We are very proud and happy about the results of the meeting and want to share a quick review of the program with you:

There are going to be some interesting workshops that you can join, a Living Library, an interactive city tour through the old town of Bolzano leading to a “you are welcome”-flashmob, wich is – by the way – going to be one of the big topics of the meeting. Plus: We are looking very forward to the Lama-Trekking through the impressive landscape surrounding Bolzano! Through the time we are going to spend together there will be fun international evenings with music and people from all around the world. And last but not least you are going to learn more about the YoungCaritas in Europe work!

By the way: The Meeting is supported by the Erasmus + program which means that you won’t have to pay for the days you’re spending with us. Journey, accomodation and food are completely FREE!

We’re looking forward to you!

You want to subscribe?

Just contact your YoungCaritas. Responsible persons are:

for South Tyrol: Lisa Moser, youngCaritas South Tyrol
for Germany: Martha Herfort, youngcaritas Germany
for Austria: Gregor Jakob-Feiks, youngCaritas Austria
for France: Emmanuel Curis, Young Caritas France
for Luxembourg: Paul Galles, Young Caritas Luxembourg
for Switzerland you can find a contact formular under this link (contact person: Andreas Lustenberger, youngCaritas Switzerland)

We’ll take care of the rest:)