Young Days 2021

It’s time to dream big and dream together! It takes you and your imagination of a just, healthy and beautiful world.
Come to Lourdes (FR) from August 24 to 29 for the Young Days.

Welcome to the 21st century! Cars can’t fly yet, but they can drive by themselves. We are still far away from a federation of planets like in Star Trek, but those who can afford, can already book a vacation to the moon. To this day we still do not know exactly how the pyramids were built, but we can use 3D printers to build houses and food to consume.

When it comes to technology, utopias and visions can be seen as a good engine for change. But if it comes to changes in socio-political and social topics, we take old structures as God-given. It is time to dream big! Therefor we need you and your imagination of a just, beautiful and balanced world. A world for which our extraterrestrial neighbors would envy us.

Together with you, we, the “YoungCaritas in Europe” network, want to work on visions for a Europe of solidarity. What worries you, what would you like to change, and above all, how? Network with other youngcaritas members and develop project ideas.

You are between 18 and 29 years old, a workshop or a discussion in English is no problem for you?
Then let’s go to France!

24 – 29.8.2021 at the Young Days in Lourdes (France)
There we will think further together in the kitchen of ideas and sources of inspiration. Dreams, utopias and visions of young people from all over Europe will be collected, presented, discussed and further developed. In addition to exciting workshops, the program also includes sun, great people, music and excursions.

Participation in the Young Days is free of charge. In addition, your travel and accommodation costs will be financed by Erasmus Plus. Accommodation: Cité Saint-Pierre

Attention: the number of participants is limited!