YoungCaritas Summer University 2022

While we are discussing the time we have left to save the climate and the next generations‘ future, (the
effects of) climate change have/has become an existential problem for others.

These “others” are the people in the Global south. Climate Crisis is NOW! But what can we do to
create a sustainable, equitable and solidary Europe (to live in)? How can we counteract the injustice of
climate crisis?

From September 5th to September 10th, Summer University will take place in Caorle, youngCaritas
Bozen‘s cool workspace (in a resort) at the shores of the sea.

In cooperation with experts, we offer direct and comprehensive insights into topics such as distributive
justice, poverty and migration, environment and consumption, and many more. Develop your own
projects in collaboration with other young people (from around Europe) and become the voice that
spreads your knowledge!

Be quick to sign up, as the spots are limited!