“Great people = Great time”


The Action Meeting that took place from Thursday June 14th to Sunday June 17th was a success !

51 participants from 12 countries gathered during the four days to share a good time and think about what to do to promote the youngCaritas in Europe network on the 6th of October, which is the youngCaritas in Europe day. You will soon know what actions will be carried out 😉

They discovered South Tyrol, its specificities, people and lamas, and made people discover their country as well. They interacted through games and activities, and created links during free time. The whole group was very dynamic and participating. Look at this short video to see what happened.


The youngCaritas South Tyrol team is very proud to have hosted this event, and happy with the outputs. Now, let the concept spread ! And see you in Saint-Malo for the Summer University !  See more info here