Swap instead of shop!

Swap instead of shop!

Did you ever stand in front of your wardrobe and complained that there’s nothing to wear despite the fact that it’s overflowing with shoes, tops, dresses, and jeans? Then it’s time to visit a swap party!

youngCaritas south tyrol organised such a party together with the oew (organisation for a solidary world) in a museum in the city centre of our regional capital Bozen.

I was one of the volunteers who helped to organise it:

The basic idea of a swap party is really easy: Every participant brings between five and ten garments in good condition they don’t like to wear anymore.

We decorated the clothes in a big room like in a real shop. After the guests where coming, we explained them how it works, turned the music on, and the swapping began.

Everybody tried on new pieces, and you soon were chatting with some new people about the new old clothes. That’s something I really enjoyed, because in a normal shop you’d probably never start a conversation with a stranger!

Who needed a break, could relax with some drinks and snacks.
I think that in the end everyone could find a few new pieces for their wardrobe.
For me as a volunteer it was also a great experience, because as you prepare everything in advance, you also can enjoy the party with the guests!

Eva Plenk, European Voluntary Service youngCaritas Südtirol