Report from Arnaud Biaba, Young Caritas Seine-Saint-Denis

Arnaud Biaba, Young Caritas Seine-Saint-Denis
“I am involved with the Secours Catholique for nearly 2 years. There I do the day admission every thursday around 9 – and 12 o’clock. I can make coffee, clean up the hall, play with the children until their parents are present and clean up the cloakroom.

With Young Caritas de Saint Denis we organise, for example, disco music salad and disco music soup which one eats in the evening. Since nine months we organise these events to sensitise food waste.

I commit myself to make myself useful and to give my time to people because I know that they need it. The admission of the migrants is a subject which particularly touches me, because I am a migrant so I belong to it and know about it really well.

The admission put up in France is well framed by the law, one must follow the procedure, however, I do not return within the scope of the asylum. The people sometimes have negative pictures so they do not take the time to meet the migrants and they see like delinquent. One cannot change the prejudices in whole. This depends on the will of every person. The people camp on her situation, one must discuss with everybody. With people discussing, I saw how the expression on the face changed. It is just this discussion which does this.”

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