“Treffiamoci”: The party of youngCaritas South Tyrol

It was an afternoon full of encounters, good music and tasty food: Over hundred guests came to Bolzano to celebrate diversity with the youngsters doing a community service at Caritas South Tyrol.

The community service – in Italian called “Servizio civile” and in German “Zivildienst”, is a project where people between 18 and 28 years old, work in a social project for 8 or 12 months. They not only get pocket money, but also a realistic insight into the working life in a social institution – and this may be helpful for their career decision. At the moment 20 young people are taking this change in different departments of Caritas South Tyrol and youngCaritas is responsible for coordinating the projects.

The party „Treffiamoci“ was a joint project and highlight of their experience. As the event was bilingual, the name is put together out of the German word “treffen” for “to meet” combined with the Italian conjugation and the ending “ci” meaning “us”.

A key element of the event was the possibility to exchange with people that have other realities of life like a former prisoner, some refugees and a physically handicapped person.

“When we meet on an interpersonal level, the borders in our minds become less important. That’s how it happened to me and I hope that also others make the same experience”, tells a young Ghanaian asylum seeker who is participating in the community service as well.

During an upcycling workshop, the exchange was also possible.
Listening to live music, enjoying the large selection of homemade food and letting one’s hair braid by two young Nigerian women – the beaming faces of the visitors spoke volumes!

European Volunteer Eva Plenk.

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  1. Hammer! So etwas muss man viel öfter machen. Ich kann euch bezüglich der Musik noch die italienische Live Band Vociblu empfehlen. Sie spielen schöne Duo und Tios. Hoffentlich kann man sich ja mal gemeinsam versammelt auf einem Fest antreffen.

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