#stillhuman YoungCaritas in Europe Day 2018

The YoungCaritas in Europe Day 2018, on the 6th of October, was all around the topic of diversity and acceptance. Young people from all over Europe posted a picture of themselves with their very own specificity on social media with the hashtag #stillhuman to set an example!


The participants of the Action Meeting gathered and generated the topic and fitting hashtag for the YoungCaritas in Europe Day 2018.

The sense of this action was to show that everyone is different in his/her own way. So why make a difference in dealing with one another if everyone’s individual anyway?

The YoungCaritas Europe Day 2018 was on the 6th of October!

A lot of people participated, started actions, walked through the city and talked with citizens about identity and character traits. They shot videos and many photos!

The YoungCaritas network, located in Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol, Luxembourg and France, was active throughout the day under the hashtag: #stillhuman.

The youngCaritas Team in Bolzano started a street action to ask citizens about their character traits.

In the meantime the volunteers at Young Caritas Luxemburg shot a short clip on the subject #stillhuman in relation to homeless people.

Up to 85 photos were taken that day!

Here a few examples:

Everyone wrote a personal carcateristic about themselves on a sheet of paper, for example:

“I love my job”, “I love myself/honey/Italia”, “I am Javed Hussaid”, “I love sleeping”, “we are childish”, “I am imperfect”, “I am a woman”, “I am silly”, “I am Italian”, “I am black”, “I am happy”, “I am loud”, “I am Kurdish”, “I am lazy”, “I am christian”, “I’m not perfect”, “I’m pierced and tatooed”, “I am a dancer”, “I am lefthanded”, “I am a dreamer”, “I am late… sometimes ;-)”, “I am too critical…”, “be strong!”, “Chaos is my way of being organized”, “cheerful – #white #black #white”, “world changers and still humans”, “take it easy!”…

Each one of these statements were always followed by the YoungCaritas in Europe Day hashtag: #stillhuman.