Strategy meeting in Luxembourg

It was a historic moment: YoungCaritas in Europe and Caritas Europa agree on a roadmap for future cooperation.

From the December 12th to the December 15th, the Young Caritas in Europe team met in Luxembourg. People from our seven Young Caritas were there to work (a lot) on the two years to come in our network.

This was a historical moment: the agreement between „Young Caritas in Europe“ and „Caritas Europa“ to organize the big conference in Georgia about the participation of youngsters!!

We were kindly welcomed by the Caritas Europa executive board on the the 13th in Brussels, to discuss about the preparation of a regional conference in Georgia in may 2018, where the topic will be Youth Involvement. What an occasion to develop our network and the opportunitie for youngters from different countries to get socially involved all around Europe! It has been a productive and pleasant meeting.



On the other days, we discussed more “Young Caritas” topics: preparation of the next action and training meeting, who will be able to be there, who will do what, … A lot of work again, but always in a good mood!

We even found the time to walk a bit in Luxembourg city on the last evening, to discover the Christmass market and the old city.

Meeting with the luxembourgish caritas-bosses!!

Thanks a lot to the Young Caritas Luxembourg who took the time to prepare our stay and welcomed us perfectly – as always. And see you soon, in any of our country!


Emmanuel CURIS
Young Caritas France