Concluding our current project

Unfortunately, it is over now: Our 3-year Erasmus+ project entitled “A vision of Europe – How do we want to live together in the future?

At the end of September 2023, we met again for several days in Switzerland (St. Gallen) for the Strategic Meeting and evaluated all the events and actions.

The beginning was marked by Corona, the first strategic meeting which was actually planned in Luxembourg, we could only do online. The “ExPro” in Vienna planned for spring 2021 had to be cancelled. In summer 2021 we started with a Summer University in Lourdes (France). We had a total of three Summer Universities, in Caorle (Italy) in 2022 and at Lake Starnberg (Germany) in 2023.

There were also two “ExPros” – that stands for “Experts and Professionals” – in Berlin (Germany) in 2022 and in Linz (Austria) in 2023.

Not only did a total of 201 people from eight different countries (and many more different roots) meet at the events, but cool projects were also created that had a further impact on youngcaritas in the different countries, including

  • the action “Smash the Bubble” on the topic of prejudice and racism,
  • the action Klimatee on the topic of climate feelings and effective engagement for climate justice
  • a digital Advent calendar 2022 developed by a team from Austria and Germany.

In autumn 2022, we exchanged ideas online about clothes swap parties across the countries and have since launched them in almost all countries of the network – we are already at over 50 clothes swap parties in four countries!

In spring 2023, there was an event for teachers on the topic of “Diversity” in Switzerland and a toolkit on “Education for Sustainable Development” was published, in which Swiss teachers compiled content and projects from the network.

At the last Summer Uni, we worked together on the exhibition “glow the future”, which will be shown in other places. We were able to incorporate our experiences and insights from the three years into the design and content. It is very clear from the themes and the exhibition pieces that young people are highly motivated to work for a just, peaceful, diverse, equal and sustainable world!

A big thank you to youngcaritas Luxembourg, which for the third time in a row has taken on all the work and submitted the project application, thus also shouldering a lot of financial and administrative work!

Many thanks to the European Union with the Erasmus+ programme and to Switzerland with the Movetia programme, which made our work in the network and the events possible in the first place!

Many thanks to the whole network for the cooperation – it was very nice with you!

We would like to continue our partnership and are currently thinking about how and with whom. It may take a while until this is done.

We will keep you up to date here!