Dütschkafi – Deutschkaffee

Learn german and spend time together

Laughter is coming from the sofa corner, it’s smelling of chocolate cake from the kitchen. A few young people are playing lotto together, in another corner two women are trying to communicate with hands and feet by the translation of a letter. Lara doesn’t speak Tigrinya, Abou recently moved to Switzerland and doesn’t understand german yet. Both live – like all the others which are here tonight – in Kehrsatz near Bern or very near. They want to get to know each other better, support them or simply spend time together.

From now on that’s what it should look like in the bistro Weidlion every wednesday-evening. According to the model of the project «Zeit geben» in the canton Schwyz engaged youngsters of youngCaritas Switzerland have a project with the municipality of Kehrsatz, which should contribute to the cohesion in the municipality: The Dütschkaffi.

Every second Wednesday a bistro gives us a wonderful room with kitchen, billiardtable, video projector, sofa and other useful things at the possession. Young volunteers from youngCaritas plan a programme, and invite people for staying in this open room. Everybody from Kehrsatz, new immigrants and those which were born here are welcome.

The project creates like our other «Zeit schenken»-projects meetings which make the much-discussed subject Migration experienceable at quite a personal level. Whether it’s cooking together, drawing or sports course: Friendship originates, the youngsters develop personally and for one moment it plays no role, where somebody comes from or which life one still has in front of oneself. Personal meetings are an enrichment for everybody – and we stand for it.

The Dütschkaffi has opened since Wednesday the 16.11. 2016 at 18 o’clock – we keep you updated!

You can find another article, which is about the personal experience of a participant, here.

www. youngcaritas. ch/deutschkaffee

Bettina Wyler, youngCaritas Switzerland


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