I really like to visit the “Deutschkaffee”

The project “Deutschkaffee” takes place every second Wednesday evening in a comfortable bistro near the Swiss capital of Bern since autumn 2016. It is open for everybody who likes to improve his / her German and offers the possibility to the youngCaritas-Volunteers to be involved.

Luul Said (4th from left) missed until now only one “Deutschkaffee”. It takes place in a bistro in Kehrsatz every second Wednesday evening.

Bettina Wyler of youngCaritas Switzerland spoke with a participant of the “Deutschkaffee”.
The woman told:

“My name is Luul Said and I am already present since the beginning of the “Deutschkaffee”. I missed only one single meeting up to now! I am very motivated to learn German, because now I am an inhabitant of Switzerland and live here. I would also like to help others who still speak less German than me, and I would like to be able to help my children at their homework. Besides, it is also very nice for me to meet other people in the “Deutschkaffee”, to discuss and to have fun. Since as a housewife it is usually difficult to get to know new people. Here in the “Deutschkaffee” this is quite easy, I meet my colleagues, as well as other inhabitants of Kehrsatz and everybody handles very friendly with each other. The children here also like it very much, the volunteers from youngCaritas cook and do handicraft with them together, while we adults sit together and play games or simply talk.

I am already looking forward to the next meetings!”

You can find out in this article what the “Deutschkaffee” exactly is.

And here is the project www.youngcaritas.ch/deutschkaffee

Bettina Wyler, youngCaritas Switzerland


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