„Aperitivo lungo“ in a refugee hostel

Every second Thursday of the month, guests from the refugee hostel “Casa Noah” in Prissian, South Tyrol, invite interested people for the “aperitivo lungo” in their bar in the evening.

Young Caritas South Tyrol was there with a group of youths and met refugees who are living in the refugee hostel in Prissian:

“First of all a team of residents from the refugee hostel welcomed us very friendly and prepared really good self-made pizza, some sweet cakes and drinks for all of us. While we were eating together there was a lot of time for conversations between young people and the refugees.

Especially the hospitality and openness of the refugees impressed me a lot. After dinner we started dancing to african and european music all together in a big room. Some of the refugees showed us how they dance normally and they made a little show for us. It was really great because they were less shy to dance as we were at the beginning. They simply started dancing with us. In this evening we also played cards together, we laughed, talked and had a lot of fun.

This event of “aperitivo lungo” provides an opportunity for youths but also for all the other natives from South Tyrol to get to know the refugees, to be in touch with them and to have a great evening.

It’s a really nice thing! Of course we will go there again and we are looking forward to meet the people again next time.”

Laura Kurz, European Volunteer youngCaritas South Tyrol

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