Invitation: Summer University 2017

Young Caritas France is inviting you to the Summer University in Saint-Malo, from August the 24th to the 27th!

This event is a special opportunity for young people from all over the world to share about their experience of solidarity and civic engagement in a festive and fraternal atmosphere.

This 4th edition of the University, on the topic of “Interfaith and Intercultural dialogue” will allow you to :

  • Meet other active young people from all over the world,
  • Discover solidarity actions
  • Participate to a reflection on the topic of “Interfaith and Intercultural dialogue”

Before this event, you are also invited to come and meet our delegations all around France, from August the 19th to the 23rd.
This will allow you to meet young people active in the Secours Catholique, discover their actions and projects in France and take part in their activities.


  • If you wish : a period of immersion in a local delegation before the Summer University from August the 19th to the 23rd
  • Summer University (August 24th to 27th):
    Workshops and debates about the topics of “Interfaith and Intercultural dialogue” and about the civic engagement of youth
    Festive moments, and excursions to discover the St Malo region
  • A day of evaluation, debrief, and planning future projects : in Paris, gathering all international guests and their host delegations (on the 28th of August )

Practical questions
Young people involved in solidarity actions or interested in the topics
When                   From thursday, August 24th to sunday, August 27th, 2017
Where                 In St-Malo (Brittany). Buses will departure from everywhere in France starting on the Wednesday 23rd for the cities far away from Saint-Malo

Expenses (forecast, not final)

  • Travel in Bus (way and back, no matter which departure city) : 80€
  • In Saint-Malo housing (in tent) and food : 50€
  • In Paris (if needed): Night + breakfast: 50€ / 1night / 1person & Diner: 15€ / 1 diner/ 1 person

Are you interested in this project?

Confirm to your contact within the Secours Catholique – Caritas France that you are interested in this invitation:

  1. If you wish to do an immersion in a French delegation before the Summer University, please tell us before the end of May
    (and more or less the number of people of your group)
  2. Online inscriptions will be opened at the end of may
  3. If you need  rooms in Paris on the 23rd and on the 27th, please tell us before the end of June

Testimonies from participants of past Universities
Edition 2016 on the topic « Migrant, what if it was me ? »

“This was an incredible experience to meet asylum seekers in Paris, see their lives and make friends with them. They have become an indispensible part of our lives. Moreover, it was incredible to meet so many people from so many countries and see the stereotypes and barriers fall down. We were a family of young people – no matter a refugee or native or visitor, regardless of race and religion. The feeling of unity was so so overwhelming. This event will definitely leave trace on outlook and our professional life too.”
Gohar, Armenia

“The summer university, our days in Calais as well as the evaluation meetings in Paris were a great and fruitful experience for us, we are so thankful to have been a part of it! Also, we were impressed by the smooth organization, especially considering the high number of participants!”
Ruby, Turquie

“Merci et grand merci encore pour ce moment d’université d’été à saint Malo. C’est un temps de trésor que j’ai passé avec plus d’expérience acquises, échanges, témoignages et de toucher du doigt la réalité du parcours de migrants.”
Michel, Centrafrique.

“Por medio de este mensaje quiero expresarles nuestra gratitud (hablo por parte de todo el equipo de Ficonpaz), por brindar esta maravillosa oportunidad a Eliana y Daniel. Han llegado muy felices y estamos disponiendo de algunos escenarios para que puedan contar su experiencia y sus aprendizajes con los demás jóvenes.”
Xiomara, Colombie


The commission in charge of welcoming international partners
Lucie, Vera, Aliénor, Tidiane, Claire, Georges, Chantal et Dominique

Read more about the summer Universitiy in 2016

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