#nextstationeurope Future Lab – 16 – 19 May 2022 in Berlin

Building the future of Europe with sustainable and solidarity-based engagement

“YoungCaritas in Europe” Future Lab – 16 – 19 May 2022 in Berlin

Combating the climate catastrophe and living together in solidarity and peace in our society – on our own doorstep and worldwide – are major tasks for the coming years and decades!

As YoungCaritas, we are committed in our cities, regions and countries. However, many problems can only be solved at a higher level. We have high expectations of European politics and uphold European values. At the same time, we see Europe failing again and again. Even if the current situation of the war in Ukraine shows unity – the situation of refugees in the Mediterranean has been devastating for years and even if the promises of the Green Deal are great, climate protection is only progressing far too slowly.

What could a Europe we dream of look like? How would we have to live for a peaceful, solidary and climate/environmentally sustainable future? What can we as YoungCaritas contribute to making such visions a reality? How can we pull together as Europe to get closer to our goals?

At our Future Lab #nextstationeurope we want to find out.

Come to Berlin and get involved!

Programme items (tentative):

  • Values, wishes, reality – What projects are the participating YoungCaritas actors involved in? What are the focal points of the daily work? What can we learn from each other?
  • Ideas of the future – Visit to the Futurium
  • What can politics do? Talk with a politician
  • Migration as a challenge to our values – Talk with Caritas facility for Eastern European refugees
  • Movement research – What is the role of civil society? Talk with an expert
  • Work on a common vision for Europe and actions for YoungCaritas in Europe.


  • Exchange of YoungCaritas staff and volunteers about their work, experiences and projects.
  • Exit Game Escape
  • Meeting with the Kulturbuddys – committed Berliners with and without refugee experience
  • Graffiti Action Workshop
  • Insight into new methods
  • Getting to know each other with Berlin Caritas Director Ulrike Kostka

For YoungCaritas staff and volunteers – registration via the partners of the YoungCaritas in Europe network.
5 participants per partner.

The event is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU and by MOVETIA.
It is free of charge for participants.

Hosted by youngcaritas Germany and youngcaritas Berlin for the network “YoungCaritas in Europe”.