Our Wishes For Europe – Statements Young Days 2021

What are your wishes for Europe?
What is Europes greatest potential?
What is your contibution to a better Europe?

At the YoungCaritas in Europe 2021 summer meeting, young people asked each other these questions. Here you can see what they answered.

Young workers, volunteers and interested people from different parts of Europe and the world came together in Lourdes from 24 to 29 August 2021 to talk and reflect on dreams. Dreams, big dreams, big common dreams – dreams of what our world should look like in the future, a vision for a Europe in solidarity, or better a world in solidarity?
In workshops we worked out project ideas together, discussed what the world should ideally look like in the future and how we can encourage other people to dream. We also dealt with the visions for Europe in a playful way, e.g. in the form of a scavenger hunt, and came into contact with the place and its visitors.
In other workshops we got the chance to think about our commitment and to exchange ideas with the other committed people: What creates a sense of belonging, what experiences have I gained with my commitment, what can I carry forward into the world… ? Learn more about the “Young Days”