#savinghumanity – YoungCaritas Day 06.10.2017

Europe and refugees – a tragic story of political failure. That sounds like a film title, but it is sad reality. While governments watch thousands of people drown in the Mediterranean Sea, private organizations rescue human lives with great commitment. But instead of thanking for this help, organizations are blamed to make the refugee route more attractive or they are even prosecuted on ground of the accusation they would support people- smugglers.

At the YoungCaritas in Europe-Day, we want to draw attention to this situation and give a political sign.

On 6th October 2017, we like to thank those who commit themselves to human lives by activities and via social media.

Take the chance to network with other like-minded Europeans and put down a marker for more solidarity!

Join us #savinghumanity!

You can find the individual activities here:

youngCaritas Switzerland
6th October 2017, 4pm – 7pm,
Falkenplatz in Luzern

youngCaritas Vienna
6th October 2017, 12am – 4pm
Platz der Menschenrechte, Wien

Young Caritas Luxemburg
4th October 2017, 12:30am
op der Place d’Armes, Luxembourg

youngcaritas Nürnberg
6th October 2017, 1pm – 4pm,
Caracho, Äußere Laufer Gasse 14, 90403 Nürnberg

youngcaritas Unterfranken
6th October 2017 in Würzburg

youngCaritas Südtirol
6th October 2017

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