Theme Day “Education and Diversity”

Sustainability, justice and diversity – this is what the youngcaritas in Europe network is working for on a European level and supports as well as promotes the engagement of young people.

On June 17, the theme day “Education and Diversity” took place in Winterthur, Switzerland. For one day, 25 education professionals trained in workshops and exchanged ideas in engaging discussions. At this event youngcaritas in Europe made the results of years of work accessible to educators and teachers. The day was prepared by Reto and Nina from youngCaritas Switzerland.

Participants in discussion sessions
Participants in discussion sessions
Panel discussion
Panel discussion

The free event included a variety of workshops, panel discussions and project exhibitions that provided exciting impulses in the areas of education, diversity and participation.

That was the program of the day:

    • Diversity & Discrimination in the Education System
      Panel discussion with experts
    • Anti-racism in the educational context
      Workshop with Anja Glover, sociologist, author & racism expert
    • Cultural diversity as educational potential
      Workshop with Thanuja Thangavel, religious scholar & cultural mediatorLUNCH BREAK: Vegetarian catering, project exhibition and networking opportunities with youngCaritas in Europe and Movetia Foundation.
    • Working with young people – “Rethinking diversity”
      Workshop with Jessica Karagöl, Consultant youngCaritas Rottenburg-Stuttgart (DE)
    • Participative volunteer projects as a learning field
      Workshop with staff and volunteers of youngCaritas Switzerland

Jessica from youngcaritas Württemberg, who herself offered one of the four workshops summarizes:
There needs to be more awareness for everyone involved about what structural discrimination is and what impact it has on those affected. It just doesn’t happen that way, but it needs resources in the form of time, money and professionals to support. And also importantly, it’s not enough to attend a single event – anti-discrimination work and awareness-raising are like a muscle that needs to be exercised again and again.
The theme day was offered as part of the YoungCaritas in Europe network.

Here you see Jessica (left) with Reto and Nina from youngCaritas Switzerland, who prepared the day.

An all-around inspiring day full of conversations and expertise.


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Here you can download the program of the theme day.