Every picture tells a story!

In preparation of the ‘YoungCaritas-Day’ in September with the topic -Better together-, staff and volunteers of youngCaritas South Tyrol organized a photography-project with asylum seekers.


Until now more than 30 participants of four different shelters in South Tyrol (Northern Italy) joined the photography project – with the aim to create, to connect and to try out different perspectives through photography. The volunteers proposed three different themes which should guide the participants in their process and whereof they had to choose one. The chosen theme was “What gifts did you receive by South Tyrol?” – intending the beautiful moments or other chances which were revealed by living and knowing this region.

On the YoungCaritas-Day on 23rd of September a selection of the pictures will be connected to a collage and decorate the different houses of Caritas in which the asylum seekers find shelter until they have to wait for the processing of their asylum application. This day is mainly for opening these houses for groups, such as school-classes, associations or interested organizations, which want to get in contact with the residents.

Talking to some of the participants of the photography-project revealed a positive feeling towards the project. One young man claimed, that he likes the photography project very much: taking pictures and trying different perspectives, enjoying the nature and sunny weather as well as doing the project as a whole group. ‘Better together’ – this theme seems already to be understood and lived by the participants as well as by the staff and volunteers of YoungCaritas. We are very exicted about the first prints and looking forward to listen to the stories and inspirations behind the selected pictures.

For the youngCaritas Bolzano Group

Verena Massl

Additional photos: https://www.facebook.com/youngcaritas.eu/posts/303428076678434

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