“glow the future” – Summer University of youngcaritas created exhibition

Racism, injustice, patriarchy, environmental destruction, populism – you might think things are not looking good. But another world is possible and numerous examples show how it can be done – there is no lack of solutions, but of implementation.

From Sunday 20 August 2023, 56 young people from Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, Austria and Germany met at Lake Starnberg for the summer university. For five days, the young people involved in youngcaritas exchanged ideas for a socially just and sustainable world. Experts were invited on six main topics, including Achim Waseem Seeger from word up rap and poetry, Nina Fuchs from Kein Opfer e.V. and Nele Nopper Klimagefühle from Berlin. With artistic guidance from Elena Carr (CarrCabinet), the participants developed exhibition stations on topics such as “live in peace” or “stop racism”.

The summer university of the network “YoungCaritas in Europe” has been taking place in different countries since 2016. This year’s hosts are youngcaritas Munich and youngcaritas Germany.

“Under the title ‘glow the future’, we bring to light how we as a society can shape the future, especially when we join forces across borders,” explains Tabea Janson, Head of youngcaritas Munich.

“With their dreams, their hopes and their energy, young committed people give courageous and inspiring impulses for a world worth living in,” emphasises Irene L. Bär, Head of youngcaritas Germany.

On Friday, 25 August, the exhibition was opened in Munich’s Werksviertel. Gabriele Stark-Angermeier, Director of Caritas Munich-Freising, gave a welcoming speech. The exibition was on display for a week in the Caritas project room behind the Ferris wheel.

In the following, it will be exhibited at other locations.