Network-Meeting in Freiburg in Nov 2016

It was already the third meeting of the network “YoungCaritas in Europe” in the frame of the programm Erasmus+. Youngcaritas Germany was the host this time. The meeting took place in november of 2016 in Freiburg at the “Caritas Tagungszentrum”.

Participants of the three-day meeting were two full-time employees and two young volunteers from each of the seven YoungCaritas-Organisations of the network.
Issues were the future of the network, the evolution of the goals and planning of common actions.
Jorge Nuño Mayer, general secretary  of “Caritas Europa” was also part of the meeting.

With an excursion the participants visited the federal headquarters of the German Caritas in Freiburg, in which the team youngcaritas Germany also has his headquarters. The participants met the president of the German Caritas, Dr. Peter Neher, and spoke with him about the position of the German Caritas to the refugee policy.

In the evening the group visited two photo projects of Freiburg in which young refugees are active:
“We cross borders”, an exhibition of photos which young refugees had made in Freiburg and those showed how they see her new native country. Here you can find out more about the project “We cross borders – Stadtfotografen in 2016″

And here is the project “Cinema exile – Filme aus der Heimat” where young refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, … organised a film festival.

There was a rainbow above the city at the last day – a beautiful sign for the joy for the next meeting 🙂

How will the network “YoungCaritas in Europe” be in the year 2030?
These – not really serious meant – visions had the youngcaritas-employees 😉

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