Regional Conference 2018 in Tiblisi

Caritas Europe regional conference 2018 in Georgia: Youth. Solidarity. Europe.

The importance of adolescents for Caritas and the mutual future of ours in Europe is a general consensus of YoungCaritas in Europe and Caritas Europe. There is a lot of interest by connected organizations for the main idea of YoungCaritas and involving young people into the work of Caritas.

At this year’s Caritas Europe regional conference the YoungCaritas in Europe has prepared an amazing program containing lectures and workshops bringing the participants nearer to the chances and opportunities of YoungCaritas. In this regard the participants get the chance to profit by the diversity of our experiences with youth work. We are going to awake a certain enthusiasm, first steps are going to be made and already established points are going to get a better network and strategic thinking.

For the first time not only presidents and directors but also adolescents and youth workers from 46 different countries take part. The ambitious goal is a mutual positioning for all of the Caritas organizations in Europe.

The regional conference is an important landmark on our way to an expanded european network starting 2020. All of the interested Caritas organizations get invited to join the developement of the YoungCaritas in Europe network at Vienna, Austria in November 2018.

Gregor Jakob-Feiks
Coordination youngCaritas Austria

The programme is made up of statutory, electoral and content-related sessions. More detailed information is availbale in the draft programme.